How to Join


Add yourself to the members list

Add a unique slug, your webpage's name, and your webpage's URL to the members list and your button (if you have one) to the button folder on GitHub in a pull request.

An example of how to add you're to the member list:

slug name url desc button nickname fungi nsfw
[Your slug] "[Your Site Name]" [Site URL] "[Your site description]" "[The file name of your button (leave blank if you don't have one)]" "[Your name]" "[Your favorite fungi]" ["y" for NSFW, "n" for SFW]
void "Void.Shrooms" "A webring for fungi lovers who enjoy dark/gothic aesthetics!" "void.shrooms.jpg" "Void.Shrooms Webmaster" "Devil's Tooth" n

Pull requests can also be used to edit your existing entry or delete your entry.

If you don't have a GitHub account (or can't be bothered to do a pull request), email the shrooms this form instead:

Put void.shrooms request as the subject.

Copy and paste this form and fill it out:

Send to howdy [at] You will recieve a reply when approved or rejected.